About Green Valley

Welcome to Green Valley High School!

The world is witnessing a dynamic change. More so in the last 15 years the information technology has seen exponential progress. It has therefore created greater challenge to upgrade education which is more relevant. The content has to be upgraded and teaching methodologies have to gear up to meet the challenges. Green Valley has made continuous effort to stay abreast with changing dynamics of education. However we greatly emphasize on the core theories which form the basis of modern advancements. We firmly believe in strengthening conceptual understanding so that the students can take on any challenge with ease. No wonder our results in boards have been excellent year on year basis. Continuous teacher’s training has been introduced so that they align themselves to contemporary courses.

Green Valley values all round development of each child and therefore weaves in co-curricular activities to deliver a wholesome education. We want our students to stand out in the competitive world wherever they are bringing glory not only to themselves but also to the school. Lets together, we as educators and you as parents & students work together to make Green Valley as a hallowed seat of learning.

Best wishes,

Manisha Sinha

Principal’s Message

In the words of Ken Robinson in his book titled “The Element: how finding your passion changes everything”, ‘the key to this transformation is not to standardize education but to personalize it- to build achievement on discovering the individual talents of each child, to put students in an environment where they want to learn and where they can naturally discover their true passions.’

We at Green Valley & Busy Bees are committed towards our priorities that focus on success for all students, enhancing student engagement in order to contribute in making our students the 21st century learners and future leaders.

We strive to make education a joyful process. We are proud of the work that has been done in the past and we endeavor to raise our standards further.

We look forwards to a future where we continue to excel and work in unison to provide meaningful learning opportunities for children.

We think the greatest gift we can give our students is the training to not be the best IN the world but to be best FOR the world.

Best wishes,

Mr. Chetan Desai

Chairman’s Message

Our vision is to educate children with love and care in order to transform them into well-rounded, responsible and successful personalities.

Our mission is to nurture the inherent potential and talent of each child and to create life long learners who will be leaders of tomorrow. We aspire to create global citizens who are innovative but also have a strong sense of values.

Vision & Mission

Green Valley and Busy Bees Kinderland(pre-school) are run by Shri Vallabhacharya Education Trust. The trust was established in 2002 with the sole purpose of providing world-class, quality education to all its students and to enhance and broaden their knowledge and skill set.


Our Skilled Lecturers