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Green Valley High School is accepting admissions for its boarding school in Vadodara (only for boys)

What Makes our Boarding Better?
a) Helps children develop confidence and independence.
b) Provides stability for children who have to constantly move due to their parents’ work.
c) Following a well-defined schedule and routine at all times inculcates discipline and punctuality.
d) No time wasted in driving to and fro from extra classes and other activities as everything is at the students’ disposal under one campus.
e) Students have access to teachers, computer and a well-equipped library for an enhanced learning experience.
f) Keeps students away from distractions of social media, mobile phones and other unproductive activities.
g) Bonding between peers.
h) Both mental and physical health of students in given due importance therefore participation in various co-curricular activities and sports is
i) A hostel ensures proactivity and self-discipline.
j) We provide a charged environment with ambitious students who motivate each other to exceed and achieve.
k) At Green Valley, your child’s safety is of utmost importance. CCTV cameras in the entire campus help us keep a check on the students.