Junior & Senior K.G.

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Junior & Senior K.G.
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In Junior KG. children are provided with an opportunity to become accustomed with more formal school routine.


In Jr. KG. and Sr. KG. children will be exposed to various activities.

  • Fine motor, Language, Maths & self help activities through various games and equipments which help to build self-confidence & help to reinforce numerical & reading skills.
  • There will be various inquiry topics which will be theme based. These topics which will be introduced with the help of songs, puppets, stories, visual aids and enactment.
  • Music will be an integral part of the program which involves singing, listening rhymes, poetry recitations and various songs.
  • Physical education would involve various gross motor activities and organized games to develop team spirit. Activity involves balancing, body co-ordination & music & movement.
  • Dramatic play / pretend play / imaginative & free play with various props & equipments which children help relate events in logical sequence, develop language & social skills.

Upper case letter will be reinforced & children will be introduced to lower case letters, sounds, vocabulary words through various games and reinforcing activities.

In Sr. KG. children will learn to name recognize the upper &   lower   case/letter know phonic sound & related vocabulary. They also learn to read three letter words and read short sentences through various readers.

Through various maths based activities children learn to recognize numeral & number value. Through various hand activities children learn simple addition & subtraction, concepts of more & less, ascending descending, what comes before & after, read number names. Children are provided with many opportunities to estimate, count, sort which helps them to learn concepts of fractions, measurement, time & money.

Hindi: Children are exposed to the National language at the basic level. The recognition and pronounciation of various letters of Hindi is done through various activities.

Children are provided enough practice to write it on slates & formal books.

Various worksheets are designed keeping in mind their curriculum.