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Green Valley Residential School aims to provide a holistic environment for young learners with high expectation and high academic achievement. The School is located 13 kms away from Vadodara Railway station and 3 kms from Gotri. The School is spread over 17 acres of lush green oxy-rich campus and built on multi-level elevations. The campus is designed to harmonize the architecture and landscaping with serene scenic beauty, away from the distracting noise and pollution. We follow the “Gurukul system of learning”.

Special coaching and Study rooms are provided for residential students to pursue their education after School. Various grounds for conducting different outdoor sports like football, cricket, volleyball and basketball facilitates the over growth of the students.

Our experienced and caring staff takes care of our students. Further, we serve nutritive food and pay utmost attention to housekeeping and hygiene.

To ensure the safety of students, the entire campus is under CCTV surveillance. All major festivals are celebrated on campus and regular outings are also planned for the students.

Come and experience the feel of Modern Gurukul.